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Update:  As of 1-15-2018, website orders are suspended to concentrate on wholesale orders.  Web orders are not possible.  Please use the contact page to inquire about wholesale pricing.


Welcome to the official Magmod website. You'll find all the Magmods currently available for purchase here. There's quite a few to choose from so if you have any questions, feel free to get a hold of us by using the "Contact" section of the site.


So many decisions to make...  Take a look at the choices below, and click on each type to get a description, features, and specs on the three types of mods I build.  There's one for any type of vaping you do.

Once you decide on which type of Magmod you'd like, there's a few more things to decide.  The first is magazine color, or case color.  There's three- Black, Sand, and OD Green.  The OD Green is a rock hard epoxy gun coating used for coloring and protecting firearms/parts so it will last for a long long time.   Yea, I know, the sand mags look white, but to the eye its really more like a sandy tan.  

Then there's paint color for the lettering.  There's a large selection that will suit any style you have and if there's one you don't see please feel free to get in touch and we can discuss paint options.  I do a wide variety of custom paint jobs upon request.

Now for the cool part.  I do a lot of customs engravings to really set your Magmod apart from the rest of those rectangles out there your friends are vaping on. Just add custom engraving to the checkout when you're selecting your mod for purchase and I'll email you for your design.  It's that easy!

Just a few of the many many custom paint and engravings i've done over the years

Magmod Selections

Note: All Magmod Models are currently being shipped without screws around the voltmeters and screens